About glowjob

Glowjob was founded by Bridie and Mikey early 2018. They started out of a sleep out in a Dunedin garden and are now based in a new studio in the Wellington CBD.

Bridie had always wanted a traditional glass neon sign since her teens, and loves everything that's associated: seedy taverns, washed up dive bars, businesses whose branding and signage hasn't changed since the 80s (and often feature half broken signs) so the name Glowjob just seemed incredibly perfect.  

Brand new glass neons were out of reach, and 2nd hand signs at auctions were often expensive too while usually needing repairs. They came across LED neon flex and saw how it was being used for neon-like lights and thought why not just try make something ourselves? They ordered a whole bunch of different materials, got started and haven't stopped!  

Between the two of them with varying skillsets they manage the whole lot on their own. Mikey, a TV producer and a great task master looks after the accounts & admin type stuff. Bridie, an Art School graduate is the glowie designer and builder. 

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