Do you do custom glowies?

Not at the moment, but we will have an online shop running soon with a range of glowies for purchase. 

What comes with my glowie?

Your glowie will come with a 12v New Zealand-approved power supply which plugs into any power socket. All glowies are fitted with dimmers which can be used to achieve many shades of glowie, full blown, or low-key! Using the functions on the switch, you can make your glowie pulse, flash, or strobe too.


Can it break easily?

The LED tubing is made from strong PVC, it’s thick, durable, rubbery and very difficult to break. We recommend that your new glowie is mounted in its spot and handled sparingly for maximum care.


What will the finish be like?

When your glowie is switched on, it’ll look like a real neon sign! When your glowie is turned off you’ll see little clear wires linking each piece of LED tubing together, sometimes there will be small gaps where joins are present and small amounts of glue on the clear acrylic where the tubing has been glued down.


How heavy are they?

Depending on size, between 2kg - 7kg.


Will my sign make a sound?



Will you install my glowie for me?

Unfortunately we don't help with that bit, but we can assist with tips!


How do I hang my glowie?

Securely mount your glowie to a structure capable of supporting weight of 10kg or more. Ensure all cables are tucked away to prevent people from tripping on them.


We won't drill holes in the acrylic backing unless requested. We choose not to so you have full control of the installing your glowie exactly as you want it. Here's a video that explains how to safely drill holes into acrylic.


Some hanging methods include:

  • Screws to attach your glowie to a wall/structure
  • Spacers to attach your glowie to a wall/structure (available from us upon request)
  • D-links, ceiling hooks and chain/wire for glowies suspended from the ceiling, or hung in a window

Use only the cables and power supply that come with your glowie. Use an extension cord if you require extra length, and

only use plug boards with overload protection.


How long will my glowie last?

LED is a highly efficient lighting technology. You can expect 40,000-50,000 hours of lighting (2-3 years) with constant use.
Use the dimmer your glowie comes with to bring down the brightness slightly, this will help improve the lifespan of your glowie.


NB: Old buildings/homes with old electrics may cause voltages to fluctuate and this can affect the longevity of your glowie. We recommend you protect your glowie by using a surge protector plug, like this one, or this surge protector 4-way multi-board.


Who makes them?

We do! Everything happens in our little workshop here in Wellington, New Zealand. From design right through to the build, the only thing we outsource is laser cutting for all acrylic backings. We’ll keep you up to date and send you photos of your glowies production along the way.


Can you match a design perfectly?

It totally depends, but we'll flick you a proof which would address any changes. Due to the specifications of the materials we use, there are always slight variations that may occur especially with designs that include sharp corners, those corners will appear more rounded.


How long will it take to build?

Once we have a design locked down, we can build it within a day or 2 depending on what other jobs are on the go. If you require a glowie urgently let us know and we can place you in the glowjob priority queue (extra cost will apply).


How long is the cable?

The glowie will come with 2 metres of cable, this cable is fitted to a power supply with an extra 1.5m of cable, which is then plugged into the wall.


Do I need an electrician to hardwire my glowie in?

Not at all, it’ll plug straight into the wall socket. However we have had clients choose to hard wire theirs in so you may do this if you wish!


Do you make glowies that run on batteries?

YES! We can run your glowie off a small battery pack which you can pop rechargeable batteries into. We use these for smaller designs so the battery charge last longer.


Can my glowie be outdoors?

Typically we make indoor glowies, which can be used temporarily outside providing it's a nice day. For jobs that are more outdoor permanent we can weatherproof your glowie at extra cost. It's worth mentioning that in the instance of ordering an outdoor glowie that you'll need to hire both an electrician/and tradie to help with the installation.


Is it easy to transport my glowie?

We recommend keeping the box your glowie came in as it's made especially for it. It'll be a good snug fit which makes for safe travel. You can take your glowie anywhere!


How do I report an issue?
It's really important that we hear about any issues you might be having with your glowie - it helps us to be better. Flick us an email outlining the problem, and where possible include picture(s) as this allows us to resolve things much quicker.

Email your feedback to checkin@glowjob.nz


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